About Feis Buddies

My name is Meagan, and Iā€™m the creator of Feis Buddies.

Being a dancer myself, I always saw other dancers bring good luck charms, or stuffed animals to competitions. I always wondered if it was possible to have a cuddly friend that was just for Irish dancers.

Feis Buddies was created when I heard a fellow dancer ask for a Irish dancer stuffed doll for Christmas. I thought it was would be a great idea to make one out of poodle socks! I started making them as a fundraiser for my studio, and was even interviewed by the Irish Dance Magazine. Soon I decided to create Feis Buddies for all dancers, and expand out of my dance school. We have expanded into fun cups and ornaments as well! I love making new things for Irish dancers. 

Find us on facebook at Feis Buddies and our Etsy Shop!